Thursday, January 4, 2007

William Fitchner

Ever since Elaine "Cash" Anthony optioned the screen rights to NINTH LORD OF THE NIGHT, I've been thinking about actors to play the various parts. Mind you, I won't have a say in it all. I'm not too familiar with the younger stars, but I have decided that if wishes could come true, I'd really like William Fitchner to play either the part of the murderous smuggler or the part of Uncle Clifton.

For those who might not be familiar with Mr. Fitchner's work, he was Sulley in Perfect Storm and his latest part was as the sheriff in the television show Invasion. Recently he was in Dallas filming a new television show called Prison Break. I don't know when that show is set to air, but I read that they've shot two seasons and might be back to shoot another.

I've seen all his movies, including Black Hawk Down and he's an incredibly gifted actor.

Anyway, if wishes were to come true, I'd get to meet Mr. Fitchner who'd smile at me and agree to at least look at the novel and screen play to see if it interested him.

LOL - well, I CAN dream, can't I?



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