Saturday, January 27, 2007

checking in

It's very quiet around here the last couple of days. That must mean everyone is busy, busy, busy! I know I have been.

As you know, I got my blog going. (Diana, I'd like to list your blog on my list of favs, too, if you'd send me a link to it, please.) I finally had a friend on line help me get it set up the way I wanted it. I (and she) had big time problems with the new Blogger. We eventually went back to the old template of it.

In a discussion about business cards, and whether or not to include your phone number on it (which I've not done, for obvious reasons) I learned of a web site where you can set up a voice box where you can retrieve your messages, either on line or off, and all at no charge. So, this morning I got that set up, and will have new cards printed as soon as I get my art work book cover. BTW, do most people use their book cover art on their business cards? I assume so. Publicize with everything we have -- fingers, toes, signs on our vehicles (John!).

That reminds me, I read of one guy who had his WHOLE vehicle painted with the book cover art of his book, and had solds lots of books that way! Man, though, that paint job must have really set him back a pretty penny! Think I'll do like John, and have a magnetic sign made for my car door.

AND amidst all these marketing strategies I'm setting up, I'm doing a final tightening of the second book. I figure I'll need it ready to submit about the same time DANCE hits the bookstores. Hustle, hustle, hustle!


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