Monday, January 1, 2007

Crazy about Cats?

Want to know what happens when a lonely vampire, searching for a soul mate, gets more than the girl when he finds himself mixed up with jewel thieves at a wild and crazy cat show?
Read The Cat The Canary and The Vampire by Linndah!
Visit the web link below for more information--you can also link from there to Chester the cat's personal web page, and even send him an e-mail...
Sex, Murder, and a Crazy Cat Show
Synchronicity—a Dangerous Love Connection

Sexy celebrity author Andrew Augustine’s book promotional tour was almost over. His last stop—Houston, Texas—the Gladstone Hotel’s Mind and Body Conference. No ordinary man—Andrew was an immortal vampire—constantly on the prowl, always seeking a replacement for his long lost soul mate Samantha.

Devastated from yet another break-up, Valerie Stevenson thought she’d never find her ‘Mr. Right.’ Hopping into her blue sports car with her award winning Selkirk Rex cat, she headed for the Fall Frolic cat show at Houston’s Gladstone Hotel. No idea she was driving into her future—with danger around every curve.

In the middle of everything, Chester the cat took center stage—at the cat show, a jewel heist—even in Valerie’s secret relationship with a tall dark handsome mystery man. Playing around with a vampire was like playing with fire. Would Valerie’s reckless desire lead to her own destruction?


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