Wednesday, February 25, 2009

L&L Dreamspell has a 100 author team!

My how the time has gotten away from me - how long has it been since I've posted to our group blog? Don't answer that!
L&L Dreamspell is fast approaching our second anniversary of publishing - in April we'll be "2" and we've already grown into a team of 100 authors.
Our anthologies have helped us grow, and they're filling up fast. We also added in two new anthologies, open for submissions - Romance and Thriller.
We're excited to be moving full speed ahead with an average of three new releases each month - wow! And our line of non-fiction writer's guides and handbooks is also expanding.
For a look at what's new you can see all the latest releases and "coming soon" titles on our newsletter web pages - start here: then click on Winter 2008/2009 for the most recent page.
Stay tuned for new authors appearing soon on this group blog!