Monday, January 1, 2007

Red Hot Reading by Linndah!

Start the New Year off with a BANG!
Read Infrared Nights by Linndah...
Sleeping Spirits Just Want to Have Sex—A Ghost Hunter’s Erotic Adventure

A warm August night.
Ghost hunter Amy Thompson prowled dark and mysterious Stonebridge Cemetery, armed with an infrared video camera. Spirits trapped between death and the afterlife waited amongst the tombstones, their chilling presence teased and taunted the blonde beauty—daring the girl to explore her hidden fantasies.

Would the infrared videotape capture a full apparition?
The young woman didn’t remember to ‘be careful what you wish for’ when she invited Robert Marshall’s ghost to rise up from his grave and appear for the camera. Watching Amy and Jeff’s spontaneous erotic fun and games unleashed the restless soul’s carnal cravings—the ghost hunter soon became the hunted.

Spirit communication comes in many strange forms.
Robert’s unending desire haunted Amy, trapping the girl on a sexual roller coaster ride. Dark obsession spun her around dangerous curves and propelled the girl to new heights of pleasure. Would Amy and Jeff’s relationship survive the ordeal of passion and betrayal?


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