Monday, January 1, 2007

Vampires Are Watching You!

Ready for some action packed Vampire reading?
Get Colin's Conquest by Lisa Rene' Smith!
Eyes. Intense vampire eyes...watching from the woods... Powerful, summoning eyes...

Joanna didn’t know why she felt called into the wilderness. Packing a few things, she headed to her favorite destination, her remote cabin in the east Texas piney woods to enjoy an impromptu vacation, relaxing by the lake. Nearby, a mysterious stranger watched...waited...and planned his ultimate conquest...

Colin, the handsome centenarian vampire knew from the moment he first laid eyes on the lithe young beauty he’d found the perfect mate. The time had come to claim his chosen one...but he didn’t anticipate her feisty nature, and the dangers he’d face in his pursuit. Stubborn and strong, Joanna refused to be taken against her will, yet once bitten, Colin’s hypnotic power permeated her being, causing a love/hate bond that brought about near disaster for both of them.

In the book Colin’s Conquest, Joanna’s struggle to escape her destiny delivers her moments of amazing passion, yet also brings terrifying punishment. The world of the undead is full of surprises, and even the powerful Colin doesn’t realize until almost too late that he isn’t the only member of the ancient blood seeker society who plans to take her as his bride...


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