Thursday, January 4, 2007

Welcome Aboard Diana L Driver!

I'm happy that you've joined the discussion on our L&L Dreamspell author team blog!
The beginning of a new year, during the cold winter months, seems perfect for writers. We're often eager to begin new projects, or else "resolve" to finish one or more of our "works in progress"--and when it's cold outside I know I'm happy to cozy up to the notebook computer--it makes a great lap warmer!
So everyone make yourself another pot of hot coffee, tea or cocoa and get busy writing. If you need some ideas L&L Dreamspell has some fun anthologies in the works that are open for submissions right now. Here's the link: Anthologies
If anyone has an idea for a group anthology, in any of the genres we publish, Lisa and I are interested in your suggestions! Write to us here: Publishing
Now get busy writing!


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