Saturday, January 27, 2007

If Crazy Horse only knew

This may sound like an unusual title, but if you stay with me you will either see how I tie it in, or you will think I am nuts and that is entirely possible....:)

Anyway, Lufkin, Texas, the city I reside in now has a cultural center. In it, they display and help people sell things like their artwork, and all kinds of things, including books. Now, how in the world could an aspiring author not take advantage of that?

This morning they had what they call an open mike where the people with things in the center can talk about themselves and their work.

Naturally, I couldn't miss that. As it turned out, only two of us showed up to get on the mike. This program lasts an hour, and being the gentleman that I am, I offered to let the woman go first. I think she was a little shy in the beginning, so I got up.

Now, I have been called many things in my lifetime, most can't be repeated on here, and most of them were probably true, but no one has ever called me shy.

I started telling them about my novel, Journey of the Spirit, Crazy Horse, all his accomplishments, and about the ten years I researched the novel, how and where I went, and as time flew by, the woman saw all the time evaporating and she lost some of her shyness. About fifty-five minutes into it, and I had the audience on the edge of their seats, she finally wrestled the mike away from me.

I really believe everyone their will buy my novel, except her. I want tell you the things she mumbled about me, and they were probably true.

Crazy Horse was much like the lady, shy and didn't like to talk about himself. Therefore, today, everyone knows about Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, but few know about Tashunke Witco. That is Crazy Horse in Lakota.

Unlike Crazy Horse and the woman, the people there sure know about me, now.... :)

I just hope they let me come back!



  1. Well, duh! She made her mistake by letting you have the mike before her! No, John, I'll just bet no one has ever called you shy! Sounds like you had a great time! Keep the buzz going!

  2. I'm glad you're finding places like that to let people know about the book!