Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Writing Muse (s)

Last night while I was watching Van Helsing, I wrote a short story. It had nothing to do with the movie - or really anything else. It was about a childhood memory of a Chinese immigrant. Funny, how these things work. So far, I have about four short stories (in addition to the one that's included in Bed and Breakfast) and no place to put them. I was thinking of uploading them to my website, but then thought that maybe I'd save them and someday put them together in a book. Problem is that they are all different genres. Two are Fantasy, one is a sweet romance, and this one is what I'd call mainstream. I can't imagine any publisher actually publishing them.

But, what I really get out of it is the ability to create stories in all different genres without worry. Afterwards, I feel recharged and able to negiotate the next scene in my current WIP.