Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Excited about new publisher

I am very happy to say I'm one of the new additions to the L&L Dreamspell team of writers. I've received the cover for my poison book already and can't wait to see the mystery cover as well. I'll be using the copies sent as pre-release publicity. I have an event coming up that I've included two other Dreamspell authors-John Foxjohn and Sylvia Dickeysmith. Teamwork to the end.

Dave Ciambrone


  1. Yeah! Welcome aboard, Dave! You'll find this a great group! And I'm ready to buy the poison book -- never can tell when you might need the info. Some days, Bill's nicer than other's! LOL

    Looking forward to the mystery panel with you and John.


  2. Welcome aboard, Dave! Glad to have you and your books! I'm sure we'll find good use for a book of poisons. LOL!
    Perilous Pauline