Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Writer's Life

When it rains - it pours!!

I think I'm going to make my tagline - "nothing's ever easy!" Seems like there's always something that needs to be done. Last week I set up my myspace page - which was supposed to be an easy thing, but it took me three days. I figured it was important, so I went ahead and got it done.

I had planned that this week I'd do nothing but write. What happens? I get an offer to write the scenerio and dialogue for a video game. I wasn't supposed to have to deal with the particulars until the end of the summer, but yesterday they sent me an email saying they were going into "preproduction mode" and that the company had setup an online account for me and I should start learning the software package. Yikes!!!! Not!!!

Also, yesterday I was discussing what topics I should cover when I sit in for one of the college's english teachers this summer. I thought it would be something about writing - ie something easy. Not a chance. She wants me to discuss the autobiographical aspects of my novel, Ninth Lord of the Night. Well...except for a few descriptions and incidents that actually happened - like the tarantula in the bathroom and the doll's head on the gear shift - there aren't any autobiographical elements. I've never been a teenage boy and I've never had sons. Some of Zack's reactions are (were) mine, but they'd be anyone's reactions. So, this is going to take some preparation on my part. That's for sure. And, preparation takes time.

Then there was the photo shoot for the American Library Association's READ poster. It was done in the college television studio with lots of lights and cameras - thank heavens, no action. All I had to do was sit there, hold my book and smile.

Today I've been asked to do another online interview. Of course, I said yes!!! I already have one waiting in the wings that I need to finish and submit.

And, my next book? Well...let's see...I have about three hours before I have to go to work maybe I can get a couple of pages done...but I really need to call my mom. My eldest daughter is engaged and we have a wedding to think about.



  1. That's some pretty cool "rain" though! Congrats on all the great things happening to you! You totally deserve it! :-)

    Perilously yours,

  2. Know how you feel!! But ain't it fun!!?? Until we collapse!