Monday, May 21, 2007

Editors are not always equal!

(Note, I posted this on my personal blog, but wanted to be sure our group read it, and thought you might not have time to drop by my blog!)

How many editors do you know who would drive two hours to attend the launch of your new book and stay overnight in order to takes pictures for your next book cover?

Okay, maybe a few might.

But let's complicate that.

Let's say the book launch is held in your small southeast Texas hometown and the room is filled with long-lost cousins, high school friends, and kith you didn't even know were kin. It's old home week and the room sounds more like that of a Scots-Irish wake instead of book-signing. Now, add to that, everyone is even more excited when they learn the mystery book is set in that area. The excitement (and the crescendo) builds!

Then, after a successful event, the next morning your editor arises before the sun and joins you in an aluminum motor boat, where you head across Sabine Lake. After the short trip, you dock on a pile of shell mounds (probably left behind by Paleo-Indians)and pull on rubber boots. You both plunge into marsh grass as high as your waist, keeping a close look-out for water moccasions and alligators, and finally arrive at a magnificent structure reaching to the sky. The Sabine Pass Lighthouse, erected before the Civil War.

All of this just to take a picture for the cover of my second book due out November 1st. DEADLY SINS-DEADLY SECRETS features the Sabine Pass Lighthouse, and nothing else would do for my editor, Linda, but to have the authentic survivor.

Now, back to my original question--how many editors would do that?

Not many would, I wager.

Mine did!

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