Sunday, February 4, 2007

ARCS, Posters, and Shootin' Guns

Yesterday, Linda showed me the Advanced Review Copies she's made for both my novel, Ninth Lord of the Night and for John Foxjohn's novel Journey of the Spirit. Once again, I'm impressed with quality of the books that L&L Dreamspell produce, as well as the attention to detail that both Linda and Lisa give our work. Not only is the bookcover designed specifically for the story, so is the interior layout!!!! Lisa told me she poured over font after font, until she found just the right one.

Linda also gave me a poster she made of my book cover. It's beautiful. It's 12" x 18" and is the perfect size for display. I put it on my wall this morning and I'm looking at it while I write. (And, no, it's not just stuck up there with pushpins!) That poster is the realization not only of dreams coming true, but also of hopes for the future.

Yesterday, my local Sisters in Crime chapter met in Waller, Texas. We had two really wonderful speakers, one an expert marksman and the other a police officer. "Police officer" doesn't really do this man justice as he, like John, has worn many different hats in the law enforcement field. Both speakers were excellent, but as the law enforcement officer continued speaking, I began getting very nervous. This man, this hero, who stood between me and the bad guy wasn't talking fiction - this was his world, my world, and he was describing real life.

At the shooting range, I wimped out and refused to fire a weapon. I was okay with the "dry firing" but when it came to shooting a live round, I just couldn't do it. Handguns weren't created for precision shooting, they were designed to kill . . . people. A very sobering thought. I abhor blood sports. And, to me firearms are symbolic of all the elements in our society that are cruel and disgusting.

Because we do live in the world we live in, I'm absolutely behind our right to own and carry firearms. This can be a bad world and we need to be able to protect ourselves. I've talked to my husband about my newly acquired phobia and he's promised to take me back to the firing range. After all, we DO live in Texas. And, I DO write about murderers and bad guys.



  1. I was at The Final Twist shooting range experience too--and with the excellent instructors who stressed safety above all I wasn't nervous. I think driving on the Houston freeways is scarier than firing that semi-automatic! I was excited to see how well I did, never having fired a gun in my life. My first shot was a hair off dead center in the circle--WOW! Then I got him near the middle of the circle again and said "Yes, he's dead--I can go home now!" But I did continue, and though a few of my subsequent shots drifted down I was told this was normal--I was "anticipating" the kickback. Well, by the target I was still tearing up his "guts" real good, so I'm confident if I chose to use such a weapon I'd be able. However, I did say to everyone that the day I decide to buy a gun is the day I decide to kill. That's what personal handguns are for--to kill in self-defense. So for now, just as I practice "defensive driving" to avoid getting hurt I'll continue to practice "defensive living" by not leaving myself open for attack, both at home and in the real world!

  2. Wish I'd a been there, Diana! Sounds like a great day. And can't way to see the work of our fab duo ( L & L). Sounds like you book looks so great! And now, you go back and shoot that gun! LOL