Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Timeless Mist

If you enjoy romance novels with a historical twist, you'll want to check out this brand new release - Timeless Mist by Terisa Wilcox!

Kristianna discovers the magic of Scotland when she comes face to face with the man of her dreams – four hundred years in the past…
Art-history major Kristianna Campbell gets more education than she bargains for when she visits Scotland with her college class. On a shopping excursion she picks up an unusual souvenir—an antique pocket watch once owned by Iain MacGregor.
The enchanted watch pulls her back through time where she lands smack in the middle of Iain MacGregor's territory—in the year 1603, during the proscription against the MacGregors.
Unsure of where she is or how she got there, Kris is stunned when she sees Iain and realizes he’s not exactly a stranger to her. She’s dreamed of him for weeks. And her attraction to him is stronger in the flesh than in her dreams. Realizing the danger in revealing her real surname of Campbell, Kristianna tells him her last name is Armstrong.
The situation is tense as Iain battles enemies on all sides, thanks to King James VI and the decree that the name of MacGregor be outlawed, and the Earl of Argyll, Archibald Campbell’s desire to see the MacGregors decimated. Iain has neither the time nor the inclination to deal with the strange lass who mysteriously landed in his territory.
But Kristianna affects him in ways no other woman has. To desire her is acceptable, but when she begins to reach the heart he thought long dead, he knows he will never be the same.

Find out more about the book, and how to get a copy, on the L&L Dreamspell website:
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