Thursday, September 6, 2007

A great giveaway for the launch of THE KEY

My eighth novel, THE KEY is now available on amazon and at the discounted price! And I'm doing a giveaway. My sister made me these really cool collectors' bookmarks for the launch (that you can see here: , while supplies last. I mean, she doesn't have unlimited patience here!) So, buy THE KEY, send me proof of purchase and get this cool collector's item while supposed last! :-)

Here's the buy link from amazon:

Reviews are still coming in, but here's a couple:

“Great plot! Superb workmanship on the characters! So sit back and take the ride of your life. This was by far the best Sci Fi novel in a long time. Pauline Baird Jones, a marvelous creator of some remarkable characters, put a new twist on a great Sci Fi story, The Key." Simegen Reviews

"Action is the name of the game as a feisty and hard-hitting heroine rises to the challenge in this rousing space adventure. Not only is this a fast-paced tale, the rampaging deception and cultural clashes ensure this hero and heroine will need all their survival skills." Romantic Times-

Hope you have a great weekend!
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