Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ahhh...the editing process

Ever wonder what goes through an editor's mind while they're working on your manuscript?

Well, I actually stirred up the courage to ask mine and her answers actually surprised the dickens out of me, leaving me in awe at her intelligence.

Am I sucking up to my editor? Not a chance! Not after the way she returned my manuscript sliced and diced and hashed up with enough red marks to shame a third grader's English exam in the mud. Then...I took a step back and re-read every single comment and put them in the proper perspective. She was correct--in every single case. That, my dears, is difficult for me to admit.

Recently, Lisa, my editor, gave me a few minutes of her time and let me get inside her head to see her work through her eyes. Very interesting. This is what she shared with me.

Once she gets her hands on a script that peaks her interest, she reads the story all the way through. Then she rolls up her sleeves, so to speak, and gets out her red pens, highlighters, and iced tea. Blocking out the rest of the world she starts at the beginning again, by looking for misspelled words, then run-away sentences, poor grammar, mis-used words, verb content, and over-used words, etc.

As I watched the fire in her eyes light up, her passion for her work is truly astounding and I have to say quite contagious. Lisa makes every writer she's working with feel they are the best and most important people alive. And before she's finished with you, you'll believe it as well...

This morning, as I wrap up my final changes and turn in my novel once again over to Lisa, I'm feeling pretty good about all my errors. Not because I made them... No, no, no. Because I know without any doubts, my work of art, my baby I tolled over for an entire now in the most capable hands in the world.

Feel you have a book or two inside you? Look up L & L Dreamspell Publishers and let Linda Houle and Lisa Rene Smith get to know you.

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