Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Web Savvy Writer by Patrice Anne Rutledge

I was asked to give my opinion of this book, once I'd had a chance to read it, so here goes.

I think this is a pretty good resource for the writer who wants to learn about web promotion. I've been at this long enough, that a lot of it was pretty basic, BUT, I like the fact that she started simple and free, then showed ways to build on simple to the more complex.

It is easy, readable and also includes suggestions for authors with money, who want to do more.

There probably wasn't anything in there I hadn't heard about, but she did explain how to do things, which shortens the learning curve a LOT.

For the newly published author, just starting to use the internet to promote, its a good road map to follow. For the author who has been around a while...I found it good refresher course.

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  1. Thanks, Pauline, for adding this. I haven't read it, but sounds like I might should. Good help.