Saturday, March 10, 2007


I'd like to thank Linda and Lisa for their acceptance and encouragement. They are two women who have done their homework and are well on their way to success in the publishing industry. I am very excited to be a member of their great team and look forward to sharing excitement and growth in our writing endeavors.

I read with great interest Diana's recent post re literary writing. I never had a professor who went along with this man's viewpoints and, believe me, if you messed with commas, off with your head--not that we don't do that from time to time.

My appreciation also goes to Linda for her artistry in photography. I don't take a good picture, but I'm happy with Linda's creation. We are so fortunate to have two women take us under their wings and lay out the road to success. THANKS, THANKS, AND THANKS.

Betty Gordon


  1. Thanks for the gracious compliments, Betty! We're so glad you've joined our author team. Soon we'll be showing off your new book's cover!

  2. I am so thrilled to have someone of your talent as part of the Dreamspell team!!!!

    I'm also pleased that you commented on my post about the literary editor!!! I love to read all kinds of books, and I'd hate to think that "literary" meant sloppy. I always thought "literary" meant exceptional.