Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I just completed reading the rest of the short stories in THE MYSTERY OF THE GREEN MIST, an L&L Dreamspell anthology, and want to offer some brief comments and thumbnail reviews.

“Between Friends” by D. Nathan Hillard is a unique story. It’s as much quality literary fiction as mystery genre. From the descriptive language and natural dialogue in this story, you feel as though you really are in a small Texas town in the 1940’s. Cotton Turner’s death isn’t a simple who-done-it. Did one of his friends kill him? If so, why? The why of Turner’s death is significant. This story has a spare, understated writing style that packs real power.

In “The Scent of Blood” by Cherri Galbiati,” Lisa Linder visits her best friend Bella who has moved from Houston to Vermont to run a bed and breakfast. Unfortunately, there’s a serial killer lurking about committing bizarre murders. Lisa is not alone; she has her German shepherd, Norggin, certified Search and Rescue worker in finding cadavers, to discover the murderer. This is a well-written story with interesting characters and an original plot.

“Reservoir of Death” by Sylvia Nickels is set in Central Georgia. Madeira Hart had every reason to hate Theo Wellington. But she didn’t discourage her daughter Sissy’s friendship with his daughter. After Maddy discovers that Sissy has witnessed Theo’s murder, their lives are put in jeopardy. This is a well-paced, suspenseful story, a real page-turner.

“The Mystery of Moonstone Manor,” by Randy Rohn, is the last story in the anthology.
Like the first story, “Mystery of the Green Mist,” it’s particularly well-suited to young adult readers. Sixteen-year-olds Kristen and Kurt decide to sell candy to whoever might be living at creepy Moonstone Manor. Kurt isn’t eager because the house is reputed to be haunted. Kristen, however, forges right ahead. She meets three strange elderly people: Pamela, her weird brother William, and Mabel, the spooky housekeeper. Kristen realizes there is a mystery that needs solving here. Are there actual ghosts? Worth reading to find out. New spin on a traditional story.

I believe you'll enjoy this anthology if you decide to read it. There’s certainly an interesting variety of mystery stories awaiting your reading pleasure.

Comments anyone??
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